Weight Loss Tips Before Swim Suit Season

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Three cheers for those who say snacking when dieting is actually good for weight loss. Every major weight loss plan includes some sort of low-fat or healthy snack to ease dieters through the long hours between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner and before bed. Snacking prevents most on weight loss plans from overeating at meal times.

Tips for Healthy Snacking

Snacking keeps dieters from feeling hungry between meals. But keep in mind that snacks high in protein last longer in the system and help weight loss participants stick to their plans. Today in America TV advises disregarding the naysayers who think that snacking at all should not be part of any weight loss plan. What do they know?

  • Stick to snacks that are 150 calories per serving or less. Almost all food packaging lists the calories per serving on the package and lets us know how much is in one serving.
  • Choose wetter snacks like fruits and vegetables which hold more water in them and have less calories. Dieters can eat more of them and feel satiated before the next meal comes around. Cheese and Greek yogurt are also good choices.
  • Nuts are filling and pack protein but are often too high in calories. Have just a few if at work and need a quick pick me up.
  • Juice it up. Juice is good for you and there are many kinds which have low sugar or no sugar.

Today in America TV on How to Get Off That Stubborn Plateau

Anyone who has gone on a weight loss plan can tell you how frustrating it is to hit a plateau and your weight not budge at all. Nothing seems to work for weeks at a time. Below are some tricks to try to get the scale back on its downward movement.

  • Get more sleep. Sleep deprived people tend to eat more than those who get 8 to 9 hours of shut-eye. So hit the sack a little earlier.
  • Change up exercises. This is common advice. If you walk, try running for a short interval. Also, pick up and use some light weights for a few weeks.
  • Kick up metabolism. Drink juice since it has more nutrients which tend to fire up our metabolism.
  • Look in the mirror. Our bodies change faster than the weight drops off. Do clothes fit better? Is anything looser than it was before? See? It is working. Be patient.
  • Stay connected. Reach out to those who have lost a good deal of weight and find out what they did to get off that stubborn plateau.
  • Drink more water. Water prevents dehydration, makes us feel fuller and flushes out toxins. As we eat less, we can get a little dizzy. Water staves that off.

Weight Loss Competitions

To put it nicely – money works. For those of us who do not like to compete, maybe we just need a monetary incentive? The news is full of stories about people who join local and workplace weight loss competitions and win cash prizes. But they work. Imagine being the weight loss winner at work for the week and taking home $100. Or maybe someone else went home with that $100? That is enough incentive for even the least competitive person to want to get in on the game. And also imagine what it would be like to have to pay a cash fine for gaining weight in that week or month. No one really wants to do that. We will work harder to lose weight if we know that there is money on the line.

Rewarding Yourself

People who reward themselves for not eating something bad on their diets by splurging do themselves no favors. Instead of having an ice cream sundae or a couple of glasses of beer as reward go buy something in a smaller size. The healthiest way to reward yourself is with something non-edible. We work hard to lose weight. Why mess it up?

Impulse Buys at the Grocery Store Lead to Weight Gain

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Avoid items like this when grocery shopping.

Is this really news? Most of us know that if we shop when we are hungry we will buy impulse foods like ready to eat fried chicken, chips and cookies and other items. Most of these lead to weight gain. Eye grabbing foods such as candy, cookies and soda are placed near or in check out aisles so we can grab them on our way out. Today in America Terry Bradshaw knows this is a marketing trick to get us to impulse buy. But using your head and thinking about the consequences of high caloric and high fat foods is necessary when we are trying to watch our weight. Meal planning is another way to monitor what we eat to avoid gaining unwanted weight. Thinking before buying is one of the better ways to food shop.

Host Terry Bradshaw is a National Football League Hall of Fame inductee. He was one of the players for the Pittsburgh Steelers who helped lead the team to four Super Bowl wins. His popularity is as strong today as it was when he was the quarterback for the hard-hitting team back in the 1970s. Bradshaw will be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight as he was earlier in the year. Today in America TV is a unique program which airs in the North America. More information is available at todayinamericatv.com.

Today in America TV and Travel Internet Use

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Beware of requests to upgrade software from a hotel internet connection.

American intelligence agencies are warning travelers who use hotel internet connections to be aware and stay away from pop-up windows asking users to upgrade their software. Today in America TV learned that when the pop-up windows open and prompt you to upgrade your software, it is installing malicious code. The agencies urge travelers to upgrade any software at home before travel. If you are in a hotel room and using their internet connection when the pop-up window appears, be sure to check the author or digital certificate of any prompted update to see if it corresponds to the software vendor. If it doesn’t, then close the window to get out. Always be aware of outside internet connections. Hotels and other businesses may not be as diligent about internet security as you are. Be respectful of others when emailing a large group of people by blind copying email addresses. This often prevents unwanted spam from entering your inbox.


Today in America Terry Bradshaw is an informative program which features interviews with emerging entrepreneurs and outstanding businesses. It digs into topics which affect the way we live, work and play. It is hosted by NFL star Terry Bradshaw and is filmed in the United States and Canada. The educational show is broadcast on many regional and national cable television networks. Learn more about it and find the air dates for your city at todayinamericatv.com.



Family Wellness as it Relates to TV Time − Today in America TV

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New health reports on kids and the effects of watching too much television or having too much background TV stimulation are out and the results are not good. Today in America TV examines the findings and offers some solutions. Childhood obesity can partially be attributed to having a TV or video games in a child’s bedroom. Kids should not watch more than 2 hours per day of non-educational television. Kids are also getting four hours of background television noise a day. Family wellness is a topic the educational program takes seriously. When a family exercises together, the family stays healthier together. This does not necessarily mean formal routines to lose weight. But a walk around the block after dinner or after school is healthier than sitting down in front of the TV until bedtime. Bike riding is fun and is a great motivator for exercise. Movement improves many functions of the body and mind. It stimulates blood flow to the brain which improves thinking capabilities. It improves lung function so breathing is easier. It kicks up metabolism which encourages weight loss. Let us, as a country, have a turn off the TV and get outside night.


Family wellness includes bike riding


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Consumer Spending Rose in July

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Consumer Spending Rose in July 1

The increase in consumer spending is a positive sign for the economy.

Consumer spending rose at its fastest pace in months in July, buoyed by slightly higher earnings, according to a report released today by the Commerce Department. While the 0.4 percent increase in consumer spending from June to July does not seem like much, it follows months of flat growth or declining spending. In America’s consumer-driven economy, today’s news is encouraging, as consumer spending accounts for roughly 70 percent of economic activity in America. Many indicators about the economy continue to point toward recovery, though the pace of that recovery has disappointed most people. The Today in America TV program brings its viewers across America interesting stories from all regions of the United States and Canada, including stories of economic growth, business prosperity, ingenuity and advancement. Today in America reviews businesses and cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Today in America television show, which runs on a number of major cable channels and cable networks across the U.S., brings encouraging and intriguing stories about many subjects to viewers across the country. Today in America with Terry Bradshaw explores family stories, environmental stories, financial subjects, business stories and much more. Today in America Terry Bradshaw features diverse content, informing TV audiences about improvements and innovations in a number of fields and industries.

What Will the Federal Reserve Do?

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What Will the Federal Reserve Do?

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, will have many people watching him this week.

On word that the Federal Reserve may act to further stimulate the economy, stocks rebounded Friday after opening lower. Word got out that Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke had responded to a letter from Republican Congressman Darrell Issa that the Fed could take further action to ease financial conditions and strengthen the economic recovery. The mere suggestion of possible further Fed action caused the Dow Jones industrial average to jump to up 99 points after being down 30 points earlier in the day. The Federal Reserve holds its annual meeting later this week, and will decide whether to adjust interest rates or take other actions to stimulate economic growth.

Regardless of whether the Fed takes further measures to stimulate the economy, the cable TV program Today in America with Terry Bradshaw looks at what industries and businesses across the nation have done to increase their revenues and survive in these difficult economic times. Despite weak consumer demand and rising costs, many companies have managed to perform well and achieve their goals. The Today in America television program informs viewers about the strategies and practices that these flourishing companies have used.

Today in America Terry Bradshaw, running on cable networks and channels across the nation, features interesting and upbeat stories about cities, companies, entrepreneurs and industries across Canada and the United States. The Today in America TV show focuses on positive stories, including examples of ingenuity and growth. Today in America reviews advances and improvements across the economy.

Apple Sets New Record for Company Value

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Apple Sets New Record for Company Value

Apple reached a record value today as its rising stock price pushed it to a worth of more than $623 billion.

Apple, the pioneering computer and technology company founded by the late Steve Jobs, became the most valuable company ever today as the rising value of its stock pushed the company to a record worth of $623 billion, surpassing the previous record-high held by Microsoft. Apple’s stock has surged recently amid speculation about the release of a new generation of its popular iPhone and a new, more affordable iPad. Apple remains at the forefront of technology, developing numerous consumer products that have become nearly ubiquitous. Microsoft had reached a value of $620.58 billion in 1999, roughly $850 billion in today’s dollars.

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New Study Links Healthier School Foods with Less Weight Gain

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New Study Links Healthier School Foods with Less Weight Gain

Childhood obesity is a nationwide epidemic.

A new study published today found a strong connection between strict laws regulating foods in public schools and healthier weight for children living in those states. Adolescents who lived in states with tough restrictions on the foods available in snack bars, vending machines and other food sources outside of the standard school meal programs, gained less weight over a three –year period than kids living in states without such restrictions, according to the study published in the journal Pediatrics. The increasing problem of childhood obesity has sparked debate over the proper role of government in tackling the problem. Some argue that tough laws regulating what kids eat in school can stem the tide of childhood obesity, while others say that if kids have unhealthy food options outside of school, such laws will make little difference.

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Today in America with Terry Bradshaw also offers insightful segments about cultural trends, economic development strategies, business subjects, and profiles of cities and businesses nationwide. The Today in America TV show features well-respected and widely-known sports figure Terry Bradshaw.

Amazing Technology Today in America TV

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EyeRing technology for visually impaired people.

MIT Media Lab is working on the EyeRing project. The device is worn on a finger and works with a smart phone or tablet computer device via Bluetooth technology. The EyeRing helps visually impaired people read text, such as that found on a street sign. The device takes a photo of the object in question which is sent to the mobile computing apparatus which sends back an audio response interpretation of what the person is looking at.

Once perfected, EyeRing technology could even be used to help children read. The child would use the device to take a picture of the page being read. The software would interpret the text photo and the page would be read back to the child.

Educational Programs on Today in America TV


Examine amazing technology on Today in America with Terry Bradshaw

The Today in America television show is an educational program produced in a fully equipped multimedia studio in south Florida. Series of interest to computer enthusiasts includes Best of Breed Software, Mobile Workforce Solutions and Information Technology and Enterprise Solutions.

Terry Bradshaw is the informative host of Today in America TV. Terry spent 14 years in the NFL as the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He led his team to 4 Super Bowl championships and was twice named SB Most Valuable Player. Visit todayinamericatv.com for summaries and air dates on upcoming episodes of the Today in America with Terry Bradshaw.

Best of Breed Software and Uses on Today in America Terry Bradshaw

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Business leaders know that one of the most important things they need to be successful is the best software possible to get the job done. This is also something that Jet Propulsion Labs, the creators of the Mars rover Curiosity, know too, as they prepare to upgrade it while the adventuresome robot explores and records information on the red planet. Today in America Terry Bradshaw examines the best of breed software.


Best of breed software pushes business ahead


Big software makers like Oracle, Crystal, Microsoft and others must always be on top of their markets in order to provide the products their enterprise customers need. Constant upgrading is a given as each one fights to stay on top of its competitors. Stand alone providers will always have their niche customers. But they also need to explore new avenues and expand into markets not yet tapped.


Today in America with Terry Bradshaw reviews the best in America by covering the topics that viewers want to know. The engaging show brings the best in business, technology, home and lifestyle subjects, as well as others, to entertain and inform the audience. NFL legend Terry Bradshaw, considered to be one of the most popular sports celebrities in the nation, hosts the show. More information is available at todayinamericatv.com.